Building the Protas Solutions Team

Originally Published on May 25, 2016

Protas Solutions Inc—a startup in the federal government consulting market—is actively looking to grow via the hiring of talented, innovative staff.  But what does it mean to startup a federal government consultancy?  Generally, it means client service first…improving and growing the company second.  Sometimes that is tough for people to wrap their mind around.  For those who come from larger government consultancies, this is no surprise.  Often you spend the day solving tough client problems and a few nights a week writing proposals, white papers, assessments etc.  

At this early phase in Protas Solutions’ lifecycle, everyone—from the CEO down—is all or mostly client billable to generate revenue and, more importantly, build the brand on client site.  We spend time as a team talking about our clients’ problems and challenges and ways that we can apply innovation and best practices to address them.  This will serve two key purposes: 1) it will build our foundation for past performance references on future work and 2) it will generate a set of lasting client relationships that our company can continue to leverage into the future.  We also highlight common problems among our clients and build service offerings and capabilities that have broad appeal to a wider set of clients.  

In our hiring model, we first look to hire expert-level talent.  People with a great depth of experience and a hunger to solve problems.  We pay those people well and offer a fantastic set of company paid benefits.  For those that wish to contribute more, there are many many ways to pitch in.  We need people to lead business development efforts, build intellectual capital, develop innovative people programs, etc.   For those that wish to contribute in these ways, we offer a generous and innovative set of financial incentives that include one-time bonuses, ongoing commissions, and stock appreciation rights.  For those people that we hire into the “C-Suite” of our company, to start, we expect them to be fully billable while strongly contributing to building around their area of expertise.  We are actively seeking a CTO and CAO at this time.  

All this said, we want to build a close knit team.  We want to hire like minded people that are truly excited to solve client problems and build a company that does that better than any other.   If you’re interested in learning more…please drop us a line.

William Monas